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Planning and Selling

“Our world has become fast moving. We can not stop change. Adaptations are necessary, but not in all areas. We want to continue living our traditional values in our business relationships.”

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Real Estate Expert, Immoleute AG


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Selling a House

Selling a house is not only a very complex, but usually an intensely emotional experience for the seller. In sales and price negotiations, emotions are usually a hindrance. Our agents guide the entire selling process, not without emotion but, with the necessary distance and professionalism. They support you with their expertise and experience, so that you can sell your home quickly and at the best possible price.

Think back and consider how many properties you looked at before you made the decision to buy. Well, that`s exactly how it will be for the potential buyers of your property. Therefore, it is crucial to present your house in the right light before putting it on the market, to define a realistic price and to find the right buyers for your property. That is exactly what you can expect from the Immoleute AG experts. Our professionals know how to properly represent a property, how to use scientific methods to determine a realistic price and how to quickly get in touch with potential buyers.

Regardless whether you want to put your one-family house on the market or if you want to sell a multi-family rental property: we support you from the beginning and accompany you through every step of the sales process. Already during the appraisal, we will discuss with you the condition of your property and necessary renovation work, that, under certain circumstances, can result in a significantly higher selling price. If your property is “ready for sale”, our specialists will compile a complete exposé including land registry certificate, floor plans, building insurance certificates, etc. To reach the largest possible market, we present your house, not only to potential buyers from our customer listings, but also with real estate notices in various media—in other words, the broader public. The time consuming viewings and the sales negotiations through to the closing of the contract are handled by Immoleute.

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Selling a Condominium

The selling of a condominium is not to be underestimated: consideration must be given not only to the huge, and continually growing number of properties on the market, but also to the complexities, that result because of the structure of communally owned properties. Thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the market, the realtors of Immoleute AG know what is important in the sale of condominiums and therefore find suitable prospective buyers for your property.

Also the key to success in selling a condominium is setting the right selling price. Our experts know the local market and professionally determine a realistic price for your property—so that you do not have to wait long for a sale, but also so you do not give away money. Many potential buyers have an exaggerated respect for the often complicated rules of condominium complexes. The Immoleute AG agents can counteract these concerns. For years, they have dealt with the different condominium structures, can neutrally inform the interested party about your property and save you the fear of future liabilities. Our experts know what is involved and how even older condominiums can be perfectly presented. Often potential buyers want a property that they can renovate or make changes to after the purchase. If the effort involved can not be determined quickly, a potential buyer may turn away again. In order to avoid this risk and to facilitate the sale, we accompany the future owner, on request, in the calculation and planning of the conversion or renovation work.

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Selling Land

The successful sale of a property depends on various factors. In addition to the location and size, it is also important to include the development, the right to build, the utilization rate and the possible presence of a construction project. Regardless whether you have vacant land or a plot including a preliminary project, the experts at Immoleute AG will always find a buyer for you!

You have a piece of land but do not want to build on it yourself. Now the question is, how do you achieve the best selling price. Our real estate experts know the local market very well, what it takes for the successful sale of a parcel of land. No matter the size, location and possibilities for building, they will determine a realistic value and find suitable, interested buyers. Our real estate experts put you in contact with builders, project developers and property developers. In any case, you can expect an individual marketing strategy, designed especially for your very personal needs, so that your land will be sold for the best possible price.


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Business and Industrial Properties

The sale of business and industrial properties is definitely a task for professionals. First a lot of money is at stake; second, the market is relatively small; third, already existing rental tenancies must often be considered. The agents of Immoleute AG have many years experience in the marketing of business and industrial properties and can therefore also successfully sell your property.

Typically business and industrial properties seldom change owners. Such objects are either used by the owner themselves or rented long-term as a source of income. Because of the few number of transactions in this market, finding a buyer can be a big challenge. It is essential to take advantage of professional support for the prospective sale. Immoleute AG have a very sizable network in various business sectors: in short, an ideal basis to find the right investor for your property!

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Building Land

Because owning a house or a condominium is the dream of many people, there is still a building boom in Switzerland. Accordingly, building land is in demand—whether as a single plot of land or as a large, not yet parceled, property. So, one would think, that the sale of building land would be a simple task. However, to attain the best possible price and to close a deal within a reasonable time, it is always advisable to hire a qualified broker.

Someone who has building land does not necessarily know who needs building land. Immoleute AG bring together supply and demand requirements and ensure that the offered plots of land or larger land properties are quickly on the market and find motivated buyers. Our client list includes not only project developers and builders but also numerous institutional investors like pension funds and insurance companies. In order to further expand their real estate portfolio, such companies are always on the lookout for suitable pieces of land. We know who is looking for what and where and make potential customers aware of your offer.

This is how our brokers accompany you step by step in real estate sales

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    Come to us in time. The sooner you begin planning, together with your real estate expert, the more possibilities that are open to you. The experts at Immoleute AG can explore the market, inform you about the best time to sell and discuss with you any necessary renovation work.

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    It is considered an open secret: the key to a successful real estate sale is a realistic selling price. Your broker carries out a scientifically based real estate valuation and thus determines a price, that makes you happy— and guarantees a quick sale.

  • 3


    In order to document your property, your agent will check all the necessary documents with you—including, the construction specifications and all the building plans, the area and cubic calculation, the land register withdrawal and any renovation certificates.

  • 4


    The agent`s details are summarized in an exposé, which also serves as the basis for real estate advertisements: property size and living space, number of rooms and additional rooms, year of construction and renovations, energy use, amount of additional costs, current photos and location plan.

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    With the assignment, your real estate expert takes over the active marketing of your property—through real estate advertisements in various media, but also through the active contact with interested parties known to us. The aim is always a sale at the highest possible price—not least of all because our commission directly depends on the proceeds. More for you is also more for us.

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    Potential buyers are invited by their agent to visit the site, in order to get a detailed impression of your property. These inspections offer the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your property—such as the procedure for existing rentals.

  • 7


    If one or more prospects have a serious intention to buy, your agent will work with you to determine a suitable negotiation strategy. The decisive factor is not only the asking price, but also a —possibly higher—target price and the jointly defined minimum price.

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    If your agent has agreed with his counterpart on the buyer side to a purchase price that is right for you, he orders the purchase contract and discusses it in detail with you and the buyer. The broker ensures that the payment is made to guarantee not only that the house is sold but that you also receive the proceeds from the sale. In addition, he accompanies you to the notarial certification at the land registry office and then helps you prepare the tax return for the property gains tax. We are happy to advise and assist you in the sale of your property.

We would like to consult you!

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